SEO Keyword Optimization Beginner’s Guide (Free PDF Download)

According to CompTIA, 39% of IT buyers research and finalize their purchase decisions on their own before consulting with the seller. More often than not, that researching process begins with search engines like Google. If your website doesn’t have the correct search keywords, you could risk losing impressions with your prospects. Even worse, your competitors […]

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10 Ways to Tell that You Need a New Website

Your website is a great chance to make the right impression with your cloud, telecom, and IT prospects, establish yourself as a leader in the industry, and build trust in what you can offer your partners. After all, as the decision journey lengthens, more users are doing research online — starting with your website. Better yet, […]

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What’s a Call-To-Action (CTA) and How Do I Use One?

Fill out this sales partner program form. Now! That’s a “call-to-action,” often abbreviated to “CTA,” – something that prompts the reader to take a specific action after reading it. Is this an effective call-to-action that will increase your lead generation? Is it in the right place, and does it make sense? (The answer to all […]

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