A/B testing in email marketing helps hone in on reader's preferences quicker.

Why should you A/B test your email marketing?

In marketing, there are many subtle factors that affect our decision-making, often without us realizing it. Things like color psychology, and shapes can have a big impact on whether a reader converts or clicks away from your site. Particular words and phrases can also elicit an emotional response that can affect buyer’s decision-making, and A/B testing […]

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Highly targeted persona-based email campaigns result in more engagement.

Using Buyer Personas in Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you’ve done the footwork of establishing your company’s buyer personas, the marketing planning that comes after becomes a whole lot easier. Instead of selling to an entire geographic region or vertical market, you can envision selling to one (fictional) person who has likes, dislikes, and goals – just like you and me. Personas are […]

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Marketing Automation: Not Your Father’s Buzzword

Marketing automation: a phrase you’ve likely heard for years and years. Like many buzzwords, automation means something different today than it did a generation ago. But what are its implications on the modern workforce — and your business? Angela Leavitt is presenting at ITEXPO in February on this pivotal topic in a session titled “Zombies in […]

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Hitting the Ground Running — Our 2018 Goals

Welcome to #TMITuesday! This week, we’re looking at some of our company goals that we are most excited about for this year, from snazzy new service offerings to marketing plan templates and more. Angela Leavitt, Founder & Chief Mojo-Making Officer Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed writing. Stories, essays, songs…you name it. And it’s been […]

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What’s Your 2018 MSP Marketing Plan?

Have you tweaked your MSP marketing plan lately? The beginning of a new year is a great time to review and adjust your approach to marketing to the MSP. If you need guidance as to how to revise or create an MSP marketing plan, Angela Leavitt, in conjunction with Barracuda, will be presenting a live […]

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