4 Excuses Keeping CEOs Off of LinkedIn

The pace of change in social media is fast. Facebook is already passe for teens, as older people take over. Other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have taken off and are constantly evolving. LinkedIn remains the primary outlet for professionals. Social media as a whole is here to stay. Even so, CEOs and CXOs are […]

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5 Must-Use B2B Social Media Tools

Starting out on social media can be intimidating, especially for B2B companies in industries like telecom, IT, and cloud computing. It’s easy to say, “my content isn’t visual and my target audience doesn’t include Instagram-browsing consumers.” The truth is that even B2B commerce is moving to social media for at least some percentage of the purchase […]

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Lead Generation Questions for MSPs Answered [Webinar]

Did you know that 80% of the sales cycle is now completed digitally? To address how MSPs need to shift their marketing and sales models accordingly, Angela Leavitt, CEO of Mojo Marketing, will be conducting a webinar titled “The Anatomy of a Wildly Successful Lead Generation Campaign” in conjunction with Intronis on Thursday, June 15 […]

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How to Write a Good Blog Post

Ah, a blog about blogging! How meta. Let’s cut to the chase because one of the rules for writing high-quality blog posts is to trim the fluff. You can optimize the living daylights out of your blog for SEO, but if it reads like hot garbage, it’s not going to gain you any traction with […]

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Improve Your B2B Marketing with a More Meaningful Customer Experience

It may be surprising to some, but B2B marketers aren’t as good as their B2C counterparts at targeting potential customers with content to create a more personal experience. We recently came across an enlightening post by Ecommerce World on the subject. B2B Marketers Are Adapting Retailers are great at creating a marketing experience. Just watch any Old Navy […]

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