3 Email Marketing Tips to Turn Your Cold Cases Into Hot Prospects

Police departments in many major cities have dedicated units that focus on “cold cases.” These felony crimes remain unsolved due to an evidence trail that’s dried up or nonexistent. Cold case teams use different approaches and new technology to discover previously unseen clues that can lead to resolution. How do you respond when email subscribers apparently lose […]

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Tips for Email Marketing Success

When used properly, content marketing can enhance the customer experience and increase lead volume. As explained in a blog post from the American Marketing Association, effective content marketing provides information targeted toward the specific needs of the audience. Email marketing, in particular, can be personalized in a variety of ways to achieve greater impact. To […]

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Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Good news for cloud, IT and telecom companies with email strategies in place! Adobe’s CMO.com recently validated some of our assumptions about email marketing’s continuing effectiveness. Despite the fact that email seems to be a rather ancient from of Web marketing, don’t discount it when you want to reach your target audience. According to Adobe’s […]

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