Marketing Messaging & Branding

Want to stand out from your competition, refresh your message and brand, or speak directly and effectively to your targets?

Mojo will help set you apart.


Are you sending the wrong message with outdated or unfocused branding? Potential customers start making decisions about the trustworthiness and ability of your business from their first encounter. Mojo can help you:

  • Define your brand pillars.
  • Conduct a brand audit to identify areas of inconsistency or weakness.
  • Create or update your brand style guide to establish consistency in fonts, color palette, visual elements and more.
  • Refine or refresh your corporate identity pieces for added WOW factor.


Why should customers choose you? What can you do that your competitors can’t? These questions (and others) are at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. Mojo can help you:

  • Develop positioning that differentiates your business from the competition.
  • Create Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) to concisely communicate your company’s value.
  • Place your business as the ‘go to’ provider in the mind of your target audience.


When it comes to marketing, so much of your success comes down to your message. WHAT are you saying, HOW are you saying it, and to WHOM are you saying it? Mojo will help you develop business messaging that:

  • Inspires confidence.
  • Compels action.
  • Reinforces your unique value proposition.
  • Gives your audience a reason to believe in your business.