Know the Difference between Tone and Voice to Set Your Brand Apart

Knowing the difference between tone and voice — and employing such expertise — in blogs, advertising, and any other content you produce for your business is the difference between maintaining an unorganized brand or a consistent one. Tone and voice: Why bother? One of the first tenets of good messaging is consistency. Brands set themselves apart […]

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What Should I Blog About?

Often, the clients we onboard are at square one when it comes to blogging. They aren’t sure what they should blog about, or what is of value to the audience they are trying to cultivate. We wrote a blog here to explore why blogging is important, but even after you’ve grasped that concept, it can still be […]

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How to Drive Leads through Blogging

Andrew Davis explained content marketing simply when he said: Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue. At its core, content marketing aims to build trust among its readers, and blogging is a key piece to solving the lead generation (lead gen) puzzle through content marketing. If you are still questioning how blogging equals more […]

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