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How to Use Employee Advocacy to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

It’s probably a thought you’ve had during every marketing planning session: “How can I get more out of my social media marketing efforts without spending more money?” You may be overlooking one area of great potential: employee advocacy. Whether your business is very small or quite large, employee advocacy on social media is an exceptional […]

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4 Excuses Keeping CEOs Off of LinkedIn

The pace of change in social media is fast. Facebook is already passe for teens, as older people take over. Other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have taken off and are constantly evolving. LinkedIn remains the primary outlet for professionals. Social media as a whole is here to stay. Even so, CEOs and CXOs are […]

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5 Must-Use B2B Social Media Tools

Starting out on social media can be intimidating, especially for B2B companies in industries like telecom, IT, and cloud computing. It’s easy to say, “my content isn’t visual and my target audience doesn’t include Instagram-browsing consumers.” The truth is that even B2B commerce is moving to social media for at least some percentage of the purchase […]

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Crafting a Social Media Strategy, Part 2: What to Share from a Company vs. Personal Page

In my previous post, Crafting a Social Media Strategy: Company or Personal Page?, I discussed whether it makes sense to post from a company or personal page, or both. Some considerations to note were: the number of followers of each account the social media strategy behind the account the platform itself After deciding which page to use, […]

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